Mind of the Character

Ready to bring your characters to life in a way that no one else is doing? You’re in the right place.

There’s a way to make your cast stand out, to make their personalities, relationships and motivations pop off the page. Know what it is?

Explore the parts of their psyche that most other writers don’t even know about.

I’m talking about cognitive biases and social influence, locus of control and attachment styles, memory distortions and discursive techniques—and that’s only scratching the surface.

But why go so far? What can a bit of psychological know-how do for your characters? Well, with that knowledge, you can:

  • Build your cast from the inside out, from rock-solid foundation to the outer layers that make them human.
  • Develop meaningful and organic character arcs that resonate with your readers.
  • Create dynamic, engaging and deep relationships between your characters.
  • Craft realistic dialogue that’s full of the subtleties of everyday speech.
  • Write accurately and sensitively about characters with psychological disorders.

Sound like fun? Then delve into the realm of the mind and learn how to bring your characters to life in a way that’s grounded in real life, in real research, in real psychology.

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