Inspiration Station

​Inspiration is a fickle creature. If you let it, it will come and go at all hours, keeping you company for short stretches before vanishing without a word.

If you’re going through a dry spell, don’t wait for inspiration to return to you. Take action. Because here’s the secret:

Inspiration is all in the mind.

Creativity does not leave you. It does not expire or run out or wither away. It’s always there, ready to be accessed; you just have to scrape away the dust that’s accumulated over time. That dust could be caused by stagnation, monotony, fear, and more besides.

Whatever the cause of your block, there’s a sure-fire way to remove it: shake things up. And the two best ways I’ve found to do this are through writing dares and writing prompts. Check them out, my friend. You can find the full collection here.