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​To write a good story, you need to understand people, get inside their heads, know what makes them tick. And that’s where Writerology comes in.

I’m Faye. I write fiction that merges the science of psychology with the art of storytelling and I blog a whole lot about it too. Let’s have tea sometime.

Psychology & Storycraft

Merging the science of psychology with the art of storytelling.

Wonder how to establish a deep connection between your readers and your characters? Let’s make it happen. Want to craft multilayered personalities and realistic relationships for your cast? Got you covered. Wish you could master self-discipline and write more often? I can help you there.

Explore the mind and the muse and use the secrets of psychology to take your writing to the next level.

Write Chain Challenge

​Make a big change in your life, starting with one small step.

Let’s end the binge-writing habit and replace it with something more productive, healthy and enjoyable: a daily writing habit. Because here’s the secret...

You don’t have to write a lot. Just write every day and it’ll add up to a lot.

The Write Chain Challenge is here to help you do just that. Set a daily target, make your pledge and join the community today.


Writember Workshop

There’s a story you’re just dying to tell. Getting the words on the page is another matter.

If you’re a writer but you’re not writing, it’s time to make a change.

Imagine being able to inspire yourself on demand. Imagine being able to dedicate time to writing on a regular basis, without feeling guilty. Imagine being able to write that novel and actually finish it.

Can you picture it? It’s not a dream. It’s very possible, because I’ve done it and so have my students. Here’s how.

We start by making a change—a big change that starts with a small step. We make writing a habit by writing a little every day. Learn how to put those words on the page today and tomorrow and all the days to come in the Writember Workshop.

Because your words matter.

Committed to Creativity

The Self-Paced Package

You’re ready to transform your writing life and you’re ready to start NOW. Grab a copy of the Writember e-book and use psychology to master the art of daily writing at your pace, in your way. You’ve got this.

Serious About Storytelling

The Ultimate Accountability Package

You’re dedicated to creating an empowering writing practice and you want the personalised support to make it happen. Enrol on the Writember e-course and work with me as we use psychology to help you master the art of daily writing. Let’s do this thing.