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Write Chain Challenge

Make a big change in your life, starting with one small step.

Do you ever find yourself writing thousands of words one day, only to go weeks without writing another? Procrastination, distraction, flagging motivation, a lack of inspiration—whatever the reason, it’s holding you back.

Let’s end the binge-writing habit and replace it with something more productive, healthy and enjoyable: a daily writing practice. Because here’s the secret...

You don’t have to write a lot. Just write every day and it’ll add up to a lot.

Follow in the footsteps of authors like Stephen King, Jim Butcher and Julia Cameron and get those words on the page each day. The Write Chain Challenge is here to help you do just that. Set a daily target, make your pledge and join the community today.

Find the Community

Just because writing is solitary doesn’t mean it has to be lonely.

At the very heart of the challenge is our community. Find, follow and connect with your fellow Write Chain Challengers on Twitter through our dedicated hashtag, #WriteChain.

What’re you waiting for? Join in the chat today.

bobreinsch bobreinsch

Phone lost, found. Crisis averted. Blog updated. bit.ly/2ylhHQi #WriteChain

bobreinsch bobreinsch

Getting ready for the #MicrosoftIgnite conference. Heading out tomorrow early. Blog updated. bit.ly/2wIo8AA #WriteChain

Adaeze Njoku anjoku13

I pledge to Write at least 300 words every day as part of the #WriteChain Challenge

bobreinsch bobreinsch

Thoughts on landmark dates. Blog updated. bit.ly/2wE52LG #WriteChain

Day/link 31 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 244. Little easier today, retyping draft 1 into draft 2, added a lot of new stuff too! :D

bobreinsch bobreinsch

They can't all be gems. Blog updated. bit.ly/2wAn8hS #WriteChain

Day/link 30 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 134 (despite nearly falling asleep on my keyboard XD )

Day/link 29 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 103 of outlining

bobreinsch bobreinsch

A note to my future grandkids. Innovate relentlessly. Blog updated. bit.ly/2wshHS0 #WriteChain

Day/link 28 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 566 in a sprint with some chat friends <3

bobreinsch bobreinsch

A few words to my future grandkids about racism. Don't fall into the trap. Blog updated. bit.ly/2wn1AFr #WriteChain

Day/link 27 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 107, written around chasing sheep, but I figured out synching Scrivener with my GDrive!

bobreinsch bobreinsch

I turned 54 today. Shared a bit of it with my some-day grandkids. Blog updated. bit.ly/2wkxySG #WriteChain

Day/link 26 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: transcribed/edited around 400 or so, does that count? 😁

bobreinsch bobreinsch

A real life lesson from my side hustle. Moderation is goo. Blof updated. bit.ly/2ye8tG9 #WriteChain

Day/link 25 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 268 and some transcribing (tomorrow may be editing. Would it still count? XD)

bobreinsch bobreinsch

@creeksidewriter You can do it. I think it helps to write at the same time every day. #WriteChain

Day/link 24 of my #writechain: Goal: 100, written: 500+ (I forgot to track all of it 😅)

bobreinsch bobreinsch

A note to the grandkids about the joy of puzzles. Embrace them. Blog updated. bit.ly/2ya4UAE #WriteChain

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