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Write Chain Challenge

Make a big change in your life, starting with one small step.

Do you ever find yourself writing thousands of words one day, only to go weeks without writing another? Procrastination, distraction, flagging motivation, a lack of inspiration—whatever the reason, it’s holding you back.

Let’s end the binge-writing habit and replace it with something more productive, healthy and enjoyable: a daily writing habit. Because here’s the secret...

You don’t have to write a lot. Just write every day and it’ll add up to a lot.

Follow in the footsteps of authors like Stephen King, Jim Butcher and Julia Cameron and get those words on the page each day. The Write Chain Challenge is here to help you do just that. Set a daily target, make your pledge and join the community today.

Find the Community

Just because writing is solitary doesn’t mean it has to be lonely.

At the very heart of the challenge is our community. Find, follow and connect with your fellow Write Chain Challengers on Twitter through our dedicated hashtag, #WriteChain.

What’re you waiting for? Join in the chat today.

Meranda Reeves MerandaReeves

#writechain link one! Brief session today, but I got down the first list of scenes for Project 16.

Rhia Raye magicwand242

309 words to make the 16th in my #WriteChain!

Rissa Gomes rissawrites

#WriteChain 10 link! 131 words. Can you believe it? Ten days, non-stop!

Rhia Raye magicwand242

310 words tonight to make up link 15 in my #WriteChain!

Meranda Reeves MerandaReeves

I pledge to work on "Project 16" every day. #writechain @WriteChain

Jasmine Melancon JasmineMelancon

My head is killing me, but I am going to force myself to write my poem. #WriteChain no. 103.

Rhia Raye magicwand242

Link 14 in my #WriteChain with 350 words today!

Rhia Raye magicwand242

358 words yesterday for link 13 in my #WriteChain!

Rhia Raye magicwand242

Overdo on my #WriteChain tweets. Friday was 339 words for link number 12!

Faye | Write Chain WriteChain

RT @zoeashwood : I think it's a good time to start my #writechain again. I pledge to edit for 30 minutes each day or write 200 words. #amwri…

Zoe Ashwood zoeashwood

I think it's a good time to start my #writechain again. I pledge to edit for 30 minutes each day or write 200 words. #amwriting @WriteChain

60 links! Next week, I'll up my goal to 4 pages a day. #WriteChain @WriteChain

Rissa Gomes rissawrites

#WriteChain - 6 link + 124 words. I can't believe I got this far.

Rhia Raye magicwand242

Link 11 in my #WriteChain at 320 words! Pretty low tonight, but better than nothing!

Rissa Gomes rissawrites

#WriteChain Just wrote 254 words today! So here it is link number 5 :D

Rhia Raye magicwand242

300 words exactly for link 10 in my #WriteChain! Kind of a mini-milestone, I'm excited!

Rissa Gomes rissawrites

Wrote 152 words for my #WriteChain link number 4.

Jasmine Melancon JasmineMelancon

Let's get it nice and simple with tonight's Halloween micropoetry. Here we go! #WriteChain no. 98 #amwriting poetry

I'm going to count it because it was 3 written pages. So 56 links! #WriteChain

Rhia Raye magicwand242

348 words tonight! That makes nine links in my #WriteChain! I'm doing pretty well!

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