Mind of the Writer

Writers spend so much time exploring their characters’ minds that often they forget about their own.

But, in some respects, the psychology of the writer is even more important than the psychology of the character—if you don’t make sure you’re happy and healthy mentally, how are your stories ever going to be the best you can make them?

That’s where the Mind of the Writer comes in. This section of Psychology & Storycraft focuses on the person behind the words, using psychological theory and research to do all kinds of cool things. Like what? Well...

Through applying psychology to your writerly self, you can:

  • Uncover ways to make your writing better, easier and more enjoyable.
  • Improve attention through optimising your physical, virtual and mental writing spaces.
  • Learn how to focus before writing sessions for maximum productivity.
  • Nurture creativity and increase your motivation to write.

And so much more. Interested? Then dive right into the Mind of the Writer.

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