Guest Post for Writerology

Are you looking for a cosy place for a homeless blog post to stay? Become a Guest Writerologist. My doors are always open.

I love hearing other perspectives and voices on topics, especially in the blogging realm. If you’d like to offer yours, then please read the guidelines below and drop me a line.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Content: Writerology is aimed at writers and so any potential guest posts should be aimed at them too, whether that’s on craft, psychology, productivity and so on. Remember: give value and make sure the information in your post is actionable.

Length: Your post should be between 700 and 1500 words long. If your post is longer than the upper limit, have a chat with me about posting it as a series. I’d also be more than happy to have you as my guest on several occasions.

Bio: My readers and I would love to know more about the fabulous person writing this guest post, so please include a short author bio, any links you want to share, and a photo at the end of the article. Feel free to promote any books you might have written here too. (Max. 80 words.)

Images: If you do include any images, please make sure you have permission to use them and won’t be infringing copyright.

Exclusivity: Your post must be written by you and previously unpublished on the Internet. I’d also appreciate it if you didn’t publish it elsewhere after posting it here. Of course, writing posts directing people to your guest post and linking to it are absolutely fine—in fact, I positively encourage it!

Deadline: Please send your guest post to me at least three days before it’s due to be published. That way, I have time to read through it, suggest any edits and prepare it for posting.

Sharing the love: I’d be more than happy to guest post for your blog, whether you’ve posted for Writerology or not. Just shoot me an email through the Contact page and I’m there!