6 Personality Traits of the Creative Writer

What lies behind the creative soul of a writer? My guest today, Megan Ray Nichols, is sharing the personality traits that make up a happy, healthy and inspired author. Over to you, Megan!

There’s more to you than a pen and a piece of paper.

Wait, it’s 2016. Let me revise that last phrase—there’s more to you than your Word document.

Although one of those sentences is more technologically advanced than the other, the sentiment remains the same. You are a creative writer. You are special. You see things in a way that others don’t, and your brain ticks just a little differently than your peers.

Your love for creative writing is not an accident. You possess certain personality traits that make you who you are.


As a creative writer, you are organized. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are neat or tidy. Your desk might be cluttered, and papers could be everywhere.

You are organized because you know what works for you. Someone might walk into your office and think that it’s a complete mess. Maybe it is. But everything is exactly where you want it to be.

You aren’t afraid to let your voice be heard.Your workspace is set up in a way conducive to your creative process. Perhaps there are documents randomly thrown across your floor. This might be because your creative process is messy and chaotic. Let's say your office is tidy with every paper stored in alphabetic order in separate filing cabinets. This could mean that your creative process is structured.

You are organized based on your process.


Creative writers always get their work done. You are self-motivated because you know that whatever you’re writing will have your voice behind it.

Creative writers don’t need someone to tell them that they have to do something. You don’t need a boss over your shoulder micro-analyzing every little thing that you do. You will finish your work and it will be good because writing is your creative outlet.

You can also stick to your schedule and focus when you have to. You recognize the creative process and surrender yourself to it. When you have to work, you tune out the rest of society and only let yourself focus on the task at hand. When you don’t have to work, you can turn off the creative side of your brain.

Efficiency is key in any line of work. Not many people do it better than creative writers.

Not Afraid

Fear plays a central role in all of our lives. The fear of failure can paralyze some people and stop them from achieving their dreams. It can also push people to greatness.

For the most part, creative writers are not afraid.

You aren’t afraid to let your voice be heard. You aren’t afraid to share your opinion with the world despite the possibility of backlash or denial. People might not accept your writing and tell you that it was bad, but this doesn’t bother you because you are satisfied with your work.

You also aren’t afraid to push the social boundaries and toe the conversational line. This might upset some people, but it doesn’t matter to you because you are not afraid.


Where does the inspiration for your writing come from? Why do you feel the need to write? Creative writers are often curious about certain aspects of life.

This curiosity is what fuels them to learn about and formulate an opinion on these topics that they want to write about. The desire to learn creates ideas that would make a great book or article.

Curiosity is the source of creativity. You are always observing your surroundings, which shapes your perception of the world. This is when you are the most creative.


The future can be scary for everyone. No one knows this better than a creative writer. You worry your next article might not get 100 views and your next book might not get published.

Still, you have hope. That book might be the next big thing, so you have to finish it. Instead of worrying about the future, you are optimistic about the great things that it might bring.

You also aren’t worried about money: You are writing because you love to write. If the money never comes, then you won’t worry because you are already doing what you love. You have already won.


Creative writers are proud.

I don’t need to tell you this because you already know. But the best personality trait of a creative writer is that they’re proud. Your writing is your work. It’s your voice. Your opinion. Your art.

Your writing is something that originates from imagination or thoughts that you have. It is essentially an extension of you in the form of words and paper. The fact that you created something that exists, in reality, is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

You are proud to call yourself a creative writer. And you should be.

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